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One of the most important decisions you need to make when selling is the method of sale. With the right auctioneer selling Melbourne properties by auction can result in a sale price well above expectations.

Melbourne Auctioneer

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After the marketing campaign has showcased your property, the agent has chatted to all potential buyers and the excitement level is at it’s highest, your sale can come down to the quality of the auction. An experienced auctioneer will engage the crowd and keep the excitement level high throughout the entire process. They will make the buyers believe this is the property for them, the one they don’t want to miss out on.

With skill, a great auctioneer will encourage bidders to bid above the expected selling price, maximising the vendors results.

As one of Melbourne's most experienced auctioneers, Steven James is able to go above and beyond to help you achieve these results. Just one of the advantages of having Find The Best Agent is your corner when you sell your home.

Benefits Of Selling At Auction

Selling at auction can greatly increase the selling price of your property

Direct competition can lead to buyers reassessing how much they are willing to pay.

A scheduled auction date compels buyers to act quickly and prioritise your property.

Vendors can set a reserve price for peace of mind if the bidding falls short of expectations.

The sale is unconditional with no cooling off period, subject to finance, or inspections.

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