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Do you want to make sure that your home purchase is the best decision possible? Look no further than FTBA Buyer's Advocates! We apply our years of experience and personal service to get the best possible deal.

Buyer Advocates
For Melbourne & Victorian Property Owners

Buyer real estate can be difficult and is filled with potential traps. The complexities of buying, if not understood by the buyer, places them at a severe disadvantage to both the agent and other potential buyers.

With our knowledge and experience in property, we overcome these obstacles, helping you make appropriate and informed decisions, through an emotional process.

Whether it is a home to live in, an investment property or a business venture, our team will make sure you make the best purchasing decisions and are happy with the outcome for years to come.

Contact us today and let's get your property journey started on the right foot.


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With over 20 years experience in real estate, you know when you work with our team you have the most experienced Buyers Advocates by your side and, from start to finish, we will remain 100% focused on delivering the best result for you.

With flexible services tailored to serve Melbourne buyers, we are able to accomodate every buyer's requests and unique circumstances. Let us help you to achieve your property goals while saving valuable time and energy, allowing you to continue living a full life.

Our team is completely independent and we
offer you a flat fee service so you know all the costs upfront.

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Why Use A Buyer's Advocate?

  • When it comes to buying a house, we assess potential properties with logic. Whether you love the house or not our priority is ensuring you know all the potential risks and benefits.
  • We save you time researching properties and always negotiate to the lowest possible purchase price.
  • When dealing with sales agents we never reveal too much information regarding your interest. This allows you to keep an upper hand in negotiations.
  • Unlike other advocates who only present data on irrelevant properties, we provide analysis of recent, comparable properties to what you're interested in, helping you make better decisions.

Our team is completely independent and we
offer you a flat fee service so you know all the costs upfront.

We're By Your Side From Start To Settlement

We can help with:

Auction Bidding

Private Negotiations

Investment Purchases

Buying Off The Plan

Property Development

Exclusive Properties