About Us

For 15+ years Find The Best Agent has simplified the complexities of selling property, maximising returns through a seamless, stress-free process.

Because we share the work with the agent, we also share the fee.
Find The Best Agent's services costs you nothing extra.

With many agents telling you how to sell your home, what it’s worth and why they are the best agency in the area, it’s difficult to separate opinion from fact and know who to trust.

Find The Best Agent solves these problems for you by simplifying the complexities of selling your home and provides a comprehensive, personalised service on behalf of vendors. With our experienced advocates taking care of agent selection, negotiating commissions, setting agent expectations and sourcing appropriate advertising channels, we are the only people you need to deal with from start to finish.

Find The Best Agent interviews the top 10% of successful agencies and salespeople in your area in order to select the best agent to represent your property. As an independent adviser, we will guide you through all options thoroughly and transparently to ensure you understand every step of the process and are comfortable with the decisions being made. We also require agents to contact any and all interested buyers before settling for an offer.

Selling home for aged care

Our Service


Our service is ideal for those that:

  • Have little or no time to research who the best agents in their area are
  • Have tried selling in the past with no success
  • Are selling a property in an unfamiliar area
  • Are Executors or Power of Attorneys selling estates
  • Where conflict is involved between people
  • Simply do not like dealing with Real Estate Agents
  • Want an honest & straight forward process without the jargon.
  • Want the sale of their home done RIGHT!

Why Use Us?

Avoid Mistakes That Could
Cost You Thousands.

Remove The Stress Of Selling,
Leave It To Us.

Work With Only The Best
Agents In Your Area.

Get A Price Far Beyond
Your Expectations.

Don't Waste Time Interviewing
Agent After Agent.

Relax Knowing Your Investment
Is In The Best Hands.

Our Team

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Steven James

Managing Director, Senior Auctioneer

Ian Ryan

Ian Ryan

Senior Advisor

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Nicole Bainbridge

Administration / Business Development

Lorraine James

Lorraine James

Accounts Manager

Steve Pollock

Steve Pollock

Advertising Manager