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Following the move to Stage-4 lockdown restrictions in Metropolitan Melbourne and Stage-3 restrictions in regional areas; please find the below update on the impacts to the real estate industry and how we can work through this time together.

Our Team

While stage-4 restrictions have required our office to close, we would like to assure you that our hard working staff are continuing to operate remotely and are available via phone, email or zoom meeting – to help with any questions you may have about your property, selling a home, or the real estate industry in general.

Metropolitan Melbourne Changes

  • Property Inspections, including private appointments, can no longer occur.
  • Properties can continue to be bought and sold – provided an inspection is not required.
  • Settlement and end-of-lease procedures are permitted to continue – including a one-on-one final inspection, hiring removalists/moving house, final cleaning and key drops. (This is the only exception to the inspection ban).

Regional Area Changes


  • Will cease to host public auctions or open for inspections
  • Property inspections will continue, however by private appointment only.
  • Property sales will be conducted either through online auction or via private treaty.
  • Health & Safety protocols will be implemented at each appointment – including wearing masks, recording contact information, hand sanitiser supplied etc.

Preparing your Property for Sale


  1. In a tougher market, the presentation of your property is paramount and there is no better time to get onto the pre-sale preparations than now!  You may want to consider:
  • Decluttering – Decluttering can be a daunting task when you are on a time limit, however when you break up the workload into a few hours/ 1 wardrobe/ set of cupboards per day, or a room per week; the process becomes far more manageable. Remember to be honest with yourself, on which items need keeping. Carrying a keep, donate and discard box with you to each room may also be helpful!
  • Deep Clean – You only have one chance to make a great first impression when selling a home, therefore a lack of cleanliness can be an instant turn-off. Besides the obvious areas, consider clearing and cleaning gutters, washing windows inside & out, light fittings & skirting boards, blinds and curtains, inside cupboards, the oven etc. Not only does this mean you will only need to do a top-up clean at selling time, it is also makes for a nice environment to spend your lockdown.
  • Gardening Maintenance – As above, it’s all about first impressions and that applies to outdoor areas too. Removing rubbish/ broken pot plants/ old toys, mowing, removing weeds, cutting back hedges & overhanging trees, cleaning the front entrance, sweep and pressure hose the driveway etc. all help to give your property a leg up against competition.

2. Virtual Appraisals and Planning your Campaign – As your vendor advocate, we can begin the process of interviewing several local agents on your behalf, arranging virtual appraisals (if you are comfortable with technology) via zoom, facetime, skype or whatever platform you prefer using, handling commission and advertising negotiations on your behalf and preparing all necessary paperwork so you are ready to hit go, as soon as restrictions lift. Contact us on: [email protected] or 03 9006 1758, to discuss further.


Lastly and most importantly, remember to take time out to look after your mental health. If the above property tasks seem overwhelming, there are many services that can handle these for you; of which we are happy to coordinate as part of our end-to-end project management service.  For your daily healthy, planning a project/looking into study options, exercising, eating healthy, taking a break from social media, and staying connected with friends and family, can also help to stay motivated and healthy during these strange times.  Remember – this is a temporary situation and we will get through this together.

Please take care and stay safe.




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