How To Improve Your #WFH Setup

working from home

Working from home is more and more becoming the norm. Since the global pandemic, employers have stepped up flexible work arrangements to cater to lockdown rules while also appealing to a larger pool of talented employees. Unsurprisingly in 2021 this trend continues and #WFH is a reality for the majority of Australian office workers.

Working from home can be different to working in an office, and while there are some negative aspects, especially for those juggling multiple responsibilities at the same time, the saved time in travel and focus can be a great benefit for the employee and the company. However, the most productive home workers are those with a productive home office setup. If, like many, up until now you have been working on your laptop at the kitchen table here are some tips on setting up an inspiring home office that makes you excited to start your work day. 

home study nook

Find The Right Space

If you have a spare bedroom you can setup as an office you are in luck. But not everyone has this luxury. That’s why we love the idea of study nooks.  An office doesn’t need to be shut off behind a closed door or take up an entire room, it can be in the corner of your living room, tucked under the stairs or built into the side of a hallway. Clever use of dividers from Ikea or other furniture stores can create a space that is designated for work, without being cut off from the rest of the house. Have a look at your own home and think creatively about where the best #WFH station might be.

desk setup

Get The Right Desk For That Space

The decision of which desk to purchase all comes down to a few important factors: the amount and style of space you have, as well as how much storage capacity is needed. When selecting your location for work, be sure that there’s enough room around it so you can easily move about without bumping into furniture. The next step in this process includes choosing what type of desk will best suit your needs – take measurements beforehand and consider whether an office-style table with drawers would suffice, or if one with wheels might better meet those requirements while also enhancing the function of the area.

erganomic chair

Use An Erganomic Chair

A great quality office chair is a must. If you are sitting for a number of hours each day you want to make sure your body is as comfortable as possible. Look for a desk chair that is the right width and has adjustable height. Lumbar support, back rests and the material of the chair is also important, but can be different depending on your requirements. Spine health is very important and the right chair will help maximise your health and longevity.

internet needs to work

Prioritise The Most Important Tech

It’s easy to go overboard on technology. Yes, your zoom meeting would look great with that fancy DSLR camera, a HDMI streaming card and flashing lights in the background. And backing everything up on a NAS drive will make it just like the office. But your priorities should be a stable internet connection, wired if possible and things like backup storage and web cams can come cheap. Worry about the real expensive stuff down the track.

minimise glare on screen

Minimise Glare 

Staring at a computer all day is not easy on the eyes, but there are a few things you can do to help. While initially setting up your #WFH area focus on natural lighting and adjust the brightness of the monitor to suit your eyes. If you are still having problems things like anti-glare screen filters and blue-light glasses can help.

When it comes to spending time at home, there’s always temptation to do something more exciting than being stuck inside on the computer or looking through papers all day long. With some simple changes like investing in ergonomic furniture and making sure light sources will allow clear visibility without glare (especially important during those afternoon hours), we’re certain our guide to creating a perfect workspace will help immensely by providing steps towards increased creativity during your work day. 

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